A little more about Me

I am a Hmong daughter. I am Douachee and I am Npuas Kub (Bao Ku): two identities, one world. Sometimes it can be hard to navigate between being the Hmong American, Douachee, and the Hmong daughter, Npuas Kub. As I’ve come to educate myself through college and my own experiences and interpretations, I’ve learned about myself certain things and ways of thinking that cause conflicts with my Hmong side. Being the first-generation Hmong American, being a daughter, and being a middle child, I’ve come to have many lived experiences that have shaped the way I feel, think, and look at the world in front of me. With the making of this blog, I want to be able to express my feelings somewhere, where hopefully someday people will come across it, read it, and discuss it – possibly even relate to it, which is something that would be truly wonderful.

For any of my posts, I honestly don’t expect everyone to agree with me or understand at some points. The world wouldn’t be the way that it is today if everyone agreed to everything. Thus, I just ask that everyone be respectful and considerate, accept and acknowledge one another’s differences, be open to learning, and respectfully agreeing to disagree when necessary. I hope that I can entertain while also educate fellow readers, and I also hope that if you find something interesting, please share it. It’s always wonderful to spread the knowledge or information. Even if it won’t benefit you, it could benefit the people around you. If there are any questions or comments, I will always do my best to answer back.


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