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YES to Long Distance Relationships

“It’s not going to work out,” or “What if he’s a psycho” is something that I get a lot when I tell others that I’m in a long distance relationship. I totally understand their concern; nonetheless, long distance relationships are so worth it.

My boyfriend lives in Massachusetts and I live in California; also take into account the 3 hour time difference. Yea, sometimes it sucks that we don’t get to talk often, or we can’t cuddle or kiss or see each other physically, but there are also so many benefits to being in a long distance relationship with the right person. Being in a long distance relationship has taught me how to be more patient. Instead of wanting to text or call 24/7, I have learned to be patient and not be so needy or dependent. In addition, I have learned to be independent. I don’t need my boyfriend to go everywhere with me or do everything with me. I used to be this way with my ex. Furthermore, I like to promote the cliche: distance makes the heart grow fonder. Having the distance may suck, yea, but when we get to see each other, it makes everything worth the wait. Another great thing about long distance is that I also get time to myself because I’m a busy college girl with many undergraduate research projects, an internship, and a part time job. Nevertheless, this has never caused any problem with our relationship. This is because we trust each other to the core and we always communicate. Never have we doubted one another about cheating, and because of the distance our communication is great. With my boyfriend, I have learned to be more open about my feelings, rather than hide them like how I used to, because distance can cause a rift if you don’t trust and confide in your partner when needed to.

Long distance relationships are not impossible. They are so doable, so possible, and so worth it. Take it from these other bloggers as well:


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6 thoughts on “YES to Long Distance Relationships

    1. Thank you! And of course! I believe in promoting each other’s stories to show how people are not alone in their situations. But also, it’s to give other ideas and insight on the topic and help one another gain more followers 😊✌🏻


  1. Hello,
    firstly I would like to thank you for linking my post in your blog. 🙂
    Second of all, I have to tell you that I agree with what you mentioned in this post. Long distance relationships are so so worth it with, like you mentioned, the right person. There are so many misconceptions about them, and although I admit there are some risks and cons about ldrs, they are real relationships with real people and two individuals good for each other can make an ldr work. It’s always great to know there is a community out there that knows exactly the struggles of what you are going through, which can help on the ride. I wish you and your significant other only good things in life. 🙂

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