The Hmong Community: Gender and Identity Workshops needed

About a week or so ago I went to a workshop on my college campus that focused on the Hmong Language with the theme of “sharing the experiences of teaching and knowledge of the Hmong language and culture.” I was so proud of my community for finally being able to come together and make a workshop like that happen. In our small town of Fresno, CA there is not much that happens in terms of conferences or workshops for the Hmong community. The most active Hmong community seems to be in the Midwest around St. Paul/Minneapolis, Minnesota. Nonetheless, I am excited that the Fresno Hmong community is getting its wheels turning some more.

I think the next thing that should be looked at is workshops and topics on gender and or identity. Although I understand that it is important to keep our language, culture, and history alive, I also think that it is equally important to talk about gender and identity. Now that the Hmong have been in America for a little over 40 years, the children who were born in America or who are part of the 1.5 generation have to face two cultures head on. Along with this, some Hmong people can identity as being part of the LGBTQ community, however this topic is still shunned very much today. I think that in order to create children who will appreciate the language, culture, and traditions more, we need to address other issues that have been neglected and shunned, such as being LGBTQ or wanting a career other than a doctor, lawyer, nurse, or pharmacist. I will be working towards this goal myself, and I hope that the Hmong community will grow to become more inclusive some day.


2 thoughts on “The Hmong Community: Gender and Identity Workshops needed

  1. I just held a workshop on gender equity today and these are some things we talked about. Amazing discussions. Don’t be disheartened. Do know this discussions are happening! So much! Especially here in Minnesota. Hope you get to attend some of our gender and identity workshops here. We have so many more! Keep that curiosity and hunger going! 🙂

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    1. That’s amazing! I know so much is going on in Minnesota and I hope to be there some day to attend many of the conferences and workshops there!! That way I can bring those experiences back to my own town 😊 my hunger and curiosity will always be there!

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