Hi, my name is Douachee. My family also calls me Npuas Kub (Bao Ku). That is how I came up with my site name: Shining Shadow РGolden Bubble. My parents interpreted Douachee to mean Shining Shadow, and Npuas Kub literally translates to mean a gold bubble. The reason that I chose this as my site name is because I see myself as living between two conflicting identities. On one hand, I live as Douachee, the Hmong-American woman with big ambitions who frequently clashes with the patriarchal nature of the Hmong community. Then on the other hand, I live as Npuas Kub, the obedient Hmong daughter who plays into her gender role at home and struggles between balancing her independence but also being respectful to her parents and the cultural traditions. Through this blog, I want to tell others my thoughts, hopes, and feelings of navigating my way through life as a Hmong woman.