Counseling Sessions

#2 What Do I Want to Change in Order to Become Happier?

So yesterday I had my second counseling session. My counselor told me to write about three things that I could change to make me happier. We only got through two, but my top two were the most important ones to me anyway: my relationship with my family and relatives, and secondly my confidence and optimism.… Continue reading #2 What Do I Want to Change in Order to Become Happier?

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Interracial Relationships

So for today’s post I want to talk about interracial dating/relationships. I’ll get straight to the point and say that I am in an interracial relationship; I am Hmong and my boyfriend is Portuguese. My parents are very traditional and do not support interracial relationships. I know this because when I first started talking to… Continue reading Interracial Relationships

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YES to Long Distance Relationships

“It’s not going to work out,” or “What if he’s a psycho” is something that I get a lot when I tell others that I’m in a long distance relationship. I totally understand their concern; nonetheless, long distance relationships are so worth it. My boyfriend lives in Massachusetts and I live in California; also take… Continue reading YES to Long Distance Relationships

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Why I currently chose to NOT date Hmong men

I’ve only been in two relationships: one ex, one current. My ex was Hmong, and my current boyfriend is Portuguese. My romantic experiences may have played a small role in my decision to date outside of my race, however many other factors played into this as well. I am not here to diss on the… Continue reading Why I currently chose to NOT date Hmong men